Dzone Architects has experience on designing projects with different scales ranging from office interiors, commercial buildings, factories to residences. 

Architects, interior architects, graphic designers, change management and cost control specialists constitutes of the main structure of the organization. The natüre of dynamic and collaborative attributes of Dzone Architects allows to expand it’s capacities and skills to provide specialty services when needed. Those services are property evaluation, due dilligence, project management, engineering services, acoustic, fire consultancy and built services.


Above and beyond all different services, design has the main role at the heart of our practice as a departure and return point. We value cultural, historic, scientific, economical and ecological research to understand, engage and addresss the design problems properly. Then we utilize and craft this knowledge with practical, artistic abilities to integrate into urban and social fabric to create functional, aesthetic and quality volumes in balance with programme’s practical needs. 


Humankind can care, value and protect what s/he could make connection with him/herself in natüre and society. Architecture is a form of knowledge and making as an actualization could create elongated relationship between past and future. We believe as Dzone Architects sustainability starts from community level and can be conveyed through adapting, reusing, recycling and holding an attitude towards for making careful material selection.


Dzone Architects aspires to empover built environments through arhitecture. Human dimensions, needs, activities help us to understand scale, structural materiality, and sense of space. When human dimensions (not limited with physical parameters only) and design integrated into architectural questions than environment could be organized to embetter, enrich human life. Sense of community could be developed when participants could find a room to involve and add on skills to share mutual benefits in society. Design, as a starting point, should be inclusive and provide various options to be part of for healthy community developments.

Our philosophy is to prosper within ethic values and giving back to the community what we had. This motivates us to grow within community, be part of it,develop strong ties, learn from and eventually build our future there.


Dzone Architects being a group company in Diem, could offer a wide range of services by teaming up with other disciplines when needed. Some of them are engineering design, acoustic, fire, sustainability, property evaluation, cost control consultancies, workplace strategy, change and construction management services. These services could be provided in a project as a package or delivered individually based on project’s needs. Dzone can team up and coordinate internally as well as externally with others such as vendors, consultants, project managers, local authorities to achieve higher project goals. We carry ambition, motivation, energy to groups, places we’re in to meet, improve and exceed project delivery methods.


Being at the intersection of science and art, on one side, architecure is a practical, rational, concrete discipline. On the other hand, by evoking emotions, expressing the meaning of era & place, giving identity, making connections through space & time, providing an atmosphere for dwellings makes architecture an art form that is comparable with poetry and music.

We believe a good design should be inclusive. Not only today’s participants, through time, it should speak to future generations by encoding and integrating data from past and interperating today’s practical need to find it’s place in time. Human needs, scale and activities being at the center of design problem, we see architecture is an art form that enables humankind to find it’s existential dimension in natüre, history and future.