Dzone Architects has been established by Didem Şamlı as an Istanbul based firm in 2016. Since then it has been serving to it’s clients both on national and international projects as an organization that consists of architects, interior designers, change management, budget and cost control specialists. The subject of the work for practice varies with different scales and subjects, however, the main focus is offices, commercial buildings, factories and residences.


The office has been established to correspond demanding global business conditions within construction industry by gathering various experties and skills to deliver and achieve well coordinated, high quality, constructionally meaningful proje standards. 

In recent years, on project delivery methods’ design-bid-built consecutive sequences left it’s own place to more intricate and simultanoues systems as a result integrated project delivery systems. Besides intellectually and carefully designed projects, well coordinated, constructionally thoughtful, budget, time and qulity aware practices are stepping forward as a new measure of success in our time business atmosphere. Client or developper wish to see architects and general contractors as a team work side by side -instead of representing opposite/ different parts -to achieve final project goals. It is expected that design and construction documents have been completed, buildability has been reviewed carefully, products have been specified within project budget limits, delivery programme has been designed to achieve aggressive, tight and foreseeable time frames. As a matter of fact these facts and conditions leads architects and contractors collaborate, develop work models and review solutions at the beginning of the projects. Well designed projects, in quality and on time construction, cost control and  high project standards can be achieved within aggressive time constraints under a single address’s responsibility, guarantee and colloboration.

Didem Şamlı and her team by carrying practical knowledge and experience on construction industry and blending into nature and human centered unique design skills had started to their journey in 2016 to deliver exclusive project results from a single address, Dzone Architects.

DZone Architects is also a group company within Diem Group. Though it can be a partner for several Diem Projects, it is a separate entity and it is a self-directed design office. Dzone can sign substansive contracts with clients to provide design and consultancy services separate from Diem Group Company Projects. 

Design Stages

At the beginning of the projects, Dzone Architects adopts a principle to understand user and programme needs correctly as a priority. If requested can work with clients to prepare programme needs in detail. Dzone prepares reports and analyses for prospective project site/ buildings with technical design teams, consultants. Then, this data can be reviewed with client to make informed and precise desicion on suitable site/ building. Under the light of these analyses and site observations, then prepares test fits based on programme constraints. The project can be developped with collaborative effort witj client, general contractor, project management and other related disciplines. Project Programmes, Bill of Quantities, Budget Schedules can help to frame out project outline in parellel to test fit studies. Products are specified with stock and supply chains and project design can be completed in parellel to all these side inputs. After agreement with design principles construction and contract documents are prepared (technical drawings, models, CGIs, schedules, material boards, bill of quantities, specifications). During construction stage, prepares site specific details -if necessary- approves materials, detects quality and application problems and works with contractors to eliminate or minimize the problems. Occasionally attends end user evaluation meetings and provide feed backs. When well coordinated, through and responsive design principles meet with best executions to complete projects qulity in mind, Dzone Architects are stepped forward and preferred by national and international corporations.

Dzone and International Projects

Integrated project approach, accurate, ambitious, quality service orientation and customer satisfaction mindset makes Dzone Architects a peference both in national and international business market.  Since 2018, with strong experiences and portfolio of work from Turkey, it is a candidate to be a design and construction partner for firms & clients globally. In 2018, Dzone’s London Branch has been openned and active to serve it’s clients from London. 

Change Management

Besides good design, construction, project management services, in recent years office projects has gain a new dimension by considering end users and work habits in design more attentively. Change on business models, technology, different needs of generations requires office’s fast transitions and adaptations. Managers’ or directors’ change urge on business models, may not be easliy graspped from other collegues at the beginning of the project. This situation poses newly designed spaces not being used in full potential or purpose. Having new business challenges, construction and design pressure, this period could be resistive, painful, full of negative feedbacks and pregnant to describe new problems when it is not managed carefully and systematically.  Starting with ambitious goals, high budget designed and constructed projects, may not be adaptive and responsive to initial project intents when end users and their work habits are not factored in during project development stage. This situation makes adaptation stage extended and sometimes even project revisions may require due to organic relationships are not established well between project and end users.  These project revisions and user notificaitons and later modificaitions cause financial burdens, frustruations and time consuming re-orientation efforts. In order to eliminate or minimize this situation, change management should be part of the project team before the design starts. End users should know the purpose of change, understand project goals well, utilize project potentials as natural tools, and be aware of change’s difficulties and challanges and be part of design, making and maintaining.

Change Management is a consultancy service that works toward design goals that are aligned and project is properly operating by including and working with end users and desicion makers simultaneously. 

Change Management works with clients, developpers, genearal cotractors, designers ,project managers and end users simultaneously. By analysing and understanding the change needs, from managers and end users perspectives, it proposes a rational and optimal road map to reach the end goals and provide advices during the project. It coaches the team to reach the project targets until it is completed. 

Dzone Architects received very good feedbacks on Change Management Services in recent years. It causes conciousness and awareness for the teams, brings business models realistic and natural operation methods and by focusing the most important issue ‘human’ factor, increases the performance and satisfaction levels. For successful and naturally adaptive businesses Change Managment Services are recommended to be in a team along clients, contractors, designers, project managers.