• Teknopark Coworking
  • Office Fit-Out
  • Teknopark İstanbul, Pendik,
  • 2200 m2
  • January, 2020
  • Open Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Break-out Areas
  • Event Space
  • Atelier Space
  • Library
  • Exhibition Room
  • Labs

Coworking Hub is intended to serve as a 24-hour operating workspace in Teknopark Campus. Above parking garage overlooking a lake view, the project is intended to make a connection between lake, upper square, and promenade by transparency and it’s inner space organization. The landscape is carried on the perimeters of the building and interiors. Enclosed spaces are rotated to orient the open space to create a sound buffer between common and focus spaces. Enclosed rotated cubes allow visual connection in South-North direction. The roof is shaped to correspond with interior planning and slightly uplifted in the middle section. Therefore three roof planes are interpreted as free-flowing surfaces and connected to each other by a pin mark which also describes front entry both materially and directionally. Uplifted surface houses a double-height bespoke structure underneath. Daylight filtrates through clearstory windows create depth and a brief vertical orientation on horizontal plan organization. Similar to this gesture is an interior garden is designed on the other wing to invite daylight on a vertical orientation.      


Architectural Team: E Didem Şamlı, Berrin Özdemir, Emre Demir, Can Özbayram, Pelin H Soyyılmaz, Hande A Yarımbıyık

Structural: İnan Mühendislik

Mechanical: MCA

Electrical: CEMAK

Facade Design: ERD Alüminyum