Dzone Architects, as a group company of Diem Group, is taking part in several social responsibility projects every year. Our philosophy is to prosper within ethic values and giving back to the community what we had. This motivates us to grow within community, be part of it, develop strong ties, learn from and eventually build our future there.

In this aspect as Dzone Architects, we support art competetions, participate in field trips to museums to establish strong cultural connections among children, on every year 23rd of April National Independence and Children Day.
We sponsor to paint schools to make healthy and clean environment for kids.

From time to time along with our employees, we visit Cancer Treatment Centers and give presents to inpatients and make donations for research and developments.

Stray animals and their care physical/ physcological wellbeing is another channel that Diem initiates every year.
Being in construction industry we heavily involve with natural resources and their usage. Having this in mind we established an organization and local network -called Çedbik- to design and develop work with ethic, economic and ecological awareness as top priorities. We try to reduce waste on site, initiate and support green design principles, encourage & motivate our clients to prefer locally available materials.

DZone - Heybeliada Children Library

Heybeliada Children Library was designed by D Zone Team. We appriciate D Zone Team about their support.

Children With Epidermolysis Bullosa

It is a disease causing blistering of various parts the body. It is called ‘butterfly’ disease in colloquial language due to the fact that children infected with it are not expected to live long. Patients have to take several medications to alleviate their pain. The employees of Diem donated money for the medication costs of children suffering this disease.

Sohayko Society

We sponsored the treatment costs of Golden, a cat that lost her left paw in a road traffic accident.

Select a nice move

Leaded by WWF, the employees of this company decided to give up one plastic article for life. Thus plastic cups, forks and plates were banned at this company.